Most Asked Videography Questions

For most couples, planning a wedding is new experience and they have NO IDEA what they want, like, need, etc…

After 4 years of consulting with couples, here are some of the most asked questions to help you get the ball rolling and learn about what videography can offer you!


How is videography different than photography?

Videography gives you a more complete memory of your wedding day! You will get all the WORDS back from your wedding day, not just a moment in time. Video also allows you to have all the moments taken in between the snapshots. Take a second to think back on the proposal. Do you remember what was said? Was that important to you after all? If it is, then you will definitely know that video will be important for you on your wedding day!

What is the Storytime Motions style?

We have a journalistic storytelling style! Audio is SUPER important to us because it helps tell the tale of your day, and it makes the video more personal to the couple. Our color style would be considered “light and airy,” and we like to think of it as a timeless look!

Full length film? Mini Movie? What’s the difference?

The Mini Movie is the emotional, romantic and cinematic movie that couples get REALLY excited about having and sharing. It is also known as a “highlight movie” because it showcases the best shots and soundbytes of the day! A Full Length Film will give you the wedding day events in longer formats and more shots and angles of the day. But it’s always best to consult with us to see what kind of package will be best for you!

What kind of equipment to you use?

Storytime Motions videographers are Sony shooters! We’ve invested in an array of lens and bodies to make sure we can capture your day in high quality. We shoot major events in 4K! We also come prepared with various audio gear, stabilization and lighting equipment.

Who chooses the music for the video?

Storytime Motions chooses the music for your wedding video, but we consider the couple’s genre preferences and pick songs that are supportive to the overall video! We always license our music so that videos NEVER get taken down or reported for illegal use of copyright songs.

Can you fly a drone at my wedding?

We are licensed and insured to fly drones! But it is not a guarantee that we can fly at your wedding. Factors like the weather, local laws, airspace regulations and the timeline all play a role in whether we can safely and legally fly at any given venue.

How do I come up with a budget for video?

I welcome honest conversations about budget! A good rule of thumb for creating a video budget is to have that number match what you’ve established as your photography budget. That way, you are investing in the same caliber of artist in experience, investment of gear, consistency of work and positive client service experience. If the number is majorly different, your media teams may clash on the wedding day because of experience levels.

How do we make booking Storytime Motions official?!

After our initial consultation, we require a $1,000 Retainer and the signed contract! Then BOOM, you have yourself and awesome videographer!

Where can I find your reviews?

PLEASE read up on how much our couples love us! You can find our reviews on Facebook, Yelp, The Knot and Wedding Wire!

Still need more advice?

Fill out a Booking Form and I will be happy to answer all your questions for you!