Most Asked Videography Questions

For most couples, planning a wedding is new experience and they have NO IDEA what they want, like, need, etc…

After 4 years of consulting with couples, here are some of the most asked questions to help you get the ball rolling and learn about what videography can offer you!

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1. How is videography different than photography? Why do I need it for my wedding?

Though photography is essential in your wedding day coverage, photos don't give you back the words shared or all the moments that happen in between the snapshots. Good photographers don't overshoot, but they also can’t give you an entire event (like a first dance) as it happened again.

Think back to when your person proposed to you. Do you remember exactly what was said? Or was your head spinning a million miles a minute out of pure joy, with all of your senses exploding out of your heart? Most of my couples tell me they have no memory of what was said. They only remember how they felt and in general what happened. Welp, your wedding day will be like that x100, to say the least. Wedding videos give you back what you forget first. The words. Wouldn’t you want to hear your vows shared again? Or the toast that made you laugh so hard your stomach hurt? Or watch your special father-daughter dance from start to finish?

According to this blog post, a big regret from brides was NOT hiring a videographer for all of these reasons. When the day is over, venue closed, dress packed in the closet, and flowers long gone, all that will be left is pictures on the wall and HOPEFULLY your videos to bring back all the emotions, love, and moments from the best day of your life.

That, my friend, is why videography is different, and why it is important. PS - homework! Ask a friend who didn’t hire a videographer how they feel about it now post wedding, and ask a friend who did!


2. Why is videography so expensive?

The average videography package is around a $3.5k investment for Southern California couples. As you’ve probably noticed in your video hunt, there are rates running anywhere between $1500 - $6,000+.

So the big question is, what determines the cost? Aside from the art you are investing, you’re paying for the experience of your videographer. Have they been featured in wedding blogs? Are they a newbie with lots to learn, or have they put in the blood, sweat and tears to lock down a workflow that works. You are paying for the type of equipment they use, i.e., multiple camera bodies, various lenses, stabilization, editing software, audio, lighting, etc, - its a production, amiright?!

You invest in the professionalism for simple things like responding to your calls and emails, turning around your product in a timely manner, and being a team player for your big day! Though those points sound like across the board standards, but they are not!


3. What is the Storytime Motions style?

Fun fact - I was a journalism major at Emerson College in Boston (still a queen of typos, though), so I put a special focus on the storytelling element of your wedding day!

When you watch your wedding video, it should match the vibes of you and your partner, and not look like any basic couple with just some pretty shots cut together... I look for the emotional and romantic moments, so when you watch your videos 20+ years from now, all of those feelings are stirred back up!

My team and I pride ourselves in showcasing your wedding in a way that’s cinematic, so when you watch your wedding videos (which, hello, weddings are wicked expensive) you can say, “Heck ya! Look at how beautiful our day was. This is so US.”


4. Full length film? Mini Movie? What’s the difference?

Oh, you will know which is best for you INSTANTLY. Full length movies show more angles, shots, and real time sequences of your wedding day. This can be as long as 30minutes - 1hour+. Now, some people have told me, “Kianna, I DO NOT have that kind of attention span to sit there for an hour and watch our wedding day.” I know, I know. Its 2018... most Millennials dont! BUT there are some people who just love all the details and #NeedItAll. And that’s why its here.

Think of Mini Movies as “highlight films.” This video has the best soundbytes and shots of the day, edited together in a way thats emotional, romantic, cinematic and social media friendly! Getting this type of video is a must-have!


5. Tell me about your equipment

Oh, I am so glad you asked! Storytime Motions uses Sony bodies to capture your day in high definition and high frame rate speeds. My cameras give me the slo-mo action I need for those extra romantic shots, they are the best in capturing footage in low light settings, and give me great dynamic range to color grade. Sorry, I know I’m nerd-ing out over here... but I also like my audio clean and my couples well lit! Video doesn’t just stop at the camera and lenses (super jealous of photoags), because we need stabilization, audio gear, light gear, sliders, gimbals and SO MUCH to make your video look epic. I basically go to the gym so I can carry all my equipment.

Don’t worry, we have been around the block and are stocked in all the gear we need to make your video great.


6. But Kianna, I love this song... can we use it in our video?

I probably love that song too, but most popular radio artists do not sell their music for commercial use. If you are hearing some artists like Bruno Mars, Justin Timberlake, or Taylor Swift, in wedding videos, most likely the couple or the videographer didn’t pay the 15k it takes to own that song publicly.

Your video can be taken down OR WORSE. Homie can get sued. We purchase all of our music licenses so that you never have to worry about your video being taken down or flagged. So though its not a 2018 Top 40 Hit, its a song that will match your genre preferences and wedding vibes. It makes the song extra special because now when you hear it, you will think of you and your partner, and not some time at the club or coffee shop moment!


7. What if I’m awkward on camera

What!? You’re not a professional actress? Thats ok. I never assume you and Bae are!

The cool thing about video is that we are more about movement than posing. We are there to capture real life moments and feelings, rather than make you act out scenes and stage that day. BUT a lot can be said for picking photo and video vendors whom you mesh well with and make you feel comfortable. We will be there in some of the most intimate and personal moments of the day, and you cant really be yourself if you don’t let yourself feel vulnerable in front of the people capturing your moments. After all your video consultations ask yourself, “did we vibe? Do I like them as a person?” Sounds silly, but you want swipe right on us too!


8. Where can I find your reviews

Please please please read our reviews on Facebook, Yelp, The Knot and Wedding Wire!