My name is Kianna Columna.

I am a lifelong romantic.


*** REWIND***

Was totally that little girl obsessed with Disney princess love stories. #whoswithme

While busting out my storytelling skills in college, and killing it in my documentary courses, I thought, "What can I document IRL? What stories do I want to be apart of?" Well, my obsession with love stories never faded. 

Then it hit me. 


I can document YOUR wedding. And make a video that is emotional, romantic and cinematic. 

Then boom, Storytime Motions was born. 



Other than being a workaholic, 

you might find me hanging out with my goldendoodle dog,

or adventuring the world with my husband. 

Jesus is my homeboy, and it's because of Him, I can create. 

I aim to glorify Him through my career!


Let me tell your love story.



Special moments from all of our 2017 couples!